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  • As I always say to all the moms who do not have time to prepare food, I would recommend Holle organic fruit and vegetable pouches. They have a great variety of tastes, our favorite is apple and mango, but we've tried almost everything. Excellent tas…
  • Breast milk or formula needs to be their main source of nutrition until 1 year old as whole milk does not have enough fat and calories. I was told that you can use whole milk to cook with, give whole milk yogurt, etc... It's not that you can't give …
  • the same effect will be achieved with water or tea. Sometimes I drank a glass of black beer, but tea helped me the most. I drank half a liter a day.
  • Yes, Hipp and Holle are European brands that are made under strict regulations. They also make formulas for babies with special dietary requirements and have organic products as well. Here in the US, both Hipp and Holle can only be purchased online…
  • I quit during pregnancy and I didn't smoke for the first month .. then I started again, but not as much as before .. and now I am smoker again but, to be honest, I smoke a lot less than before, maybe a couple of cigarettes a day, but never in the r…
    in Smoking Comment by PegiPeg August 2019
  • The cereals are ideal as transitional foods, bcs they are adopted to baby's sensitive digestive system. You can prepare it with formula but no need. You can give it as a separate meal, especially since there are cereals with different flavors, your …
  • I don´t think it is anything to feel guilty about. We have our time whether the kids are here or not. To make the kids happy and satisfied, they need happy parents, so I don't think I'm doing anything wrong by taking the time to spend with my husban…
  • My baby didn't want to sleep at all, I thought he would never stop crying.I had to make a compromise .. we sleep in the same bed .. I could not stand it anymore, I was constantly frustrated, .. now we are in the same bed and the situation is improve…
  • Cereals are a great source of iron and a good choice for starting solid foods. We started with the rice cereals, bcs rice is gluten-free, and if you are worried about her sensitive tummy then you can go with organic. That's what we did, our choice w…
  • lavender. We have our own plant so we are full with it for whole spring and summer
  • If the baby is interested, if the doctor says so, then go for it. Just follow the reactions to the food, because of allergies. We started with 4.5 months with cereals (Holle organic) and then slowly introduced other solid foods.

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