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  • I met my husband when I was 28 years old. I finished school and worked already for quite some time before I found somebody that I could imagine having a family with. 3 years alter I gave birth to my little boy and I think it was the rights age. For …
  • Our flat has two floors. The first thing I bought after my boy started crawling was a barrier for the stairs. But there are still so many other things to worry about. He especially likes the kitchen very much. I'm thinking about buying another barri…
  • It makes me angry if I see parents giving their children crisps or fast food...but especially soft drinks. Kids at age 1 or 2 don't need soft drinks. Besides bad teeth they are becoming overweight.
  • I'm a vegetarian because I hate the taste of meat. But I also understand that babies should develop their own taste. So when I cook something, I try to give my little boy meat too. But not so often because I'm not such a huge fan of cooking meat.
  • My pregnancy was very easy, aside from morning sickness and my tiredness. I felt so tired during my workdays so I had take an after-lunch nap every day. Lucky me my boss didn't mind No water in my legs either. I didn't even put on so much weight.
  • I love music. Especially playing the piano. So when I was pregnant I played the piano often times on the evening but not only classical music. Sometimes my husband and I went to some concerts and I could feel the baby moving. It seems that my little…
  • I have 2 Brothers and 1 sister and I'm the youngest. All of my siblings have children already, so we often do something together. None of my close friends have any kids either, so I bring him for 2 or 3 days to a playgroup. There are lot of childre…
  • My boy (13 months) cried and screamed at first the whole time. The hairdresser couldn't even cut one single hair. It was so embarrassing...for him because he screamed and cried so much...and for me because we had to leave. After this experience my h…
  • I agree with you. Fast food shouldn't be something that parents give their babies and children to eat. My little boy hates courgette and broccoli and he isn't very fond of cakes and sweet things either. I try to give him a lot of different things t…

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