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  • Thanks everybody! I have really been struggling with the decision and wish people didn't add so much pressure.
  • Thanks guys! All good points and I appreciate the suggestions.
  • LOL teaching mom. I bet you would love it! Nothing like sleeping under the stars.
  • @teachingmom . I am afraid I won't be much help on that one. My S.O. had pretty much checked out by then, so he really didn't have much of an opinion on anything. He was gone for good a few months after my son was born. That is the main reason I hi…
  • Thanks @yogimama . I have go a lavender plant in my living room. I may move it just to see what happens.
  • I hired a housekeeper as soon as my second son was born. I worked so much that it was just such a comfort to know that I would have some help. She comes on Tuesday and Thursdays and she is a lifesaver. Be picky though. Don't take the first one you c…
  • We have the kind that projects stars on the ceiling. The boys love it.
  • Being a single mother, I really don't have in choice in the matter. I work a full time job during the week and have a flea market booth that I do every other weekend. I take the boys with me to the flea market on the weekends that i work there. Some…
  • I hate to say it but I would probably go with whatever my health professional suggested. I am really not sure if that is the right way to do it but it makes me nervous to question their expertise. I feel as if we should educate ourselves always but …
  • My two and three year old take swimming lessons with the Red Cross. My youngest really likes it but my oldest acts like he is scared to death. I don't know if being younger helps my two year old or if it is just personality. They are no where near b…
  • Most of our interaction with other children is a church and church related activities. We are fortunate to have a good group. We plan lots of things for the kids to do and places for them to go. There are plenty of kids their age and some older and …
  • @yogimama said: It is really unfortunate how child support works in the U.S. If they are sending him to jail, it would be beneficial to have him make money while he's in jail and send it to his child. Yeah. It really doesn't help things. It…
  • Thanks so much @yogimama and @faith22 . I am checking out the 529 plan tomorrow. Has anybody used the 529 plan to save?
  • Make sure and pick the right kind of clothes. Babies don't sweat the way that we do, so they need soft cotton outfits that will let heat circulate away from their bodies. My boys seem to like frozen grapes. I keep them in the freezer and pull them o…
  • Being a single mother in the United States can be hard. If you don't qualify for welfare benefits, then you are pretty much on your own. If the father doesn't pay the court ordered child support you can take them to court but there are many ways aro…
  • I am a mother of a two year old and three year old. Life is hectic and crazy most of the time. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning the tricks and tips that you guys have.
  • Hey Mumifone! Fun question. My son was born in the parking lot at the the hospital. I woke up about six in the morning and felt like I REALLY needed to go to the bathroom. My water broke and I told my husband that it was time to go. HE WANTED TO STO…

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