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Shifting those extra pounds

edited July 2016 in Pregnancy
Did you worry about gaining weight during pregnancy?
How much did you gain and have you lost those extra pounds again?
If so how long did that take you and how did you do it?

I was not really worried gaining any weight. Which is the reason I did gain quite a lot I think, 3stone and 4, 3 pounds to be exact. After giving birth I did not really bother starting a diet straight away but because of the new routines and the fact that I had less time on my hands I lost I lost 1 stone 13, 5 pounds in the first 6 month. Now, after almost 8 month I have finally started a diet to lose the extra pound I still have and so far I have lost another 11 pounds which means I need to lose another 7, 7 pounds to be where I was before the pregnancy. I am not really on a strict diet as I do not believe that is sustainable in the long run so I am just watching what and how much I eat and stay away from sugar.



  • I am not paying attention to how much weight I am gaining. I'll look at it after the birth. I am really working hard on trying to manage stress. I am trying to eat healthy, but also not to worry and obsess over the numbers. I also plan to give myself a full year after birth before trying to lose weight. I think this will help me be a better mom and not worry or stress too much. I do want to develop healthy eating habits though, during pregnancy and after, but I care more about maintaining good mental health.

  • I gained around 20 pounds. It was really easy to loose it with my first baby, I may have even lost too much. I didn't try it was just through breastfeeding that I lost weight.

    With my next child it took a little longer, but again I really didn't try. Around the one year mark I started exercising again and I got into the best shape of my life. I was eating really well during my pregnancy and afterwards with my second baby.

    Now I'm on my third and I am just starting to see some weight loss. I'm at about 10 months now and I'm not really trying. I feel like I gained the most this time, but I am starting to try to eat healthy and exercise again, but I'm not going to stress about it.

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