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What is the most important thing when picking an emergency guardian?

At what point did you choose someone to be the legal guardian of your children if something should happen to you?

Also, what do you think are the most important qualities?

Would you choose financial, similar values, closeness to the children or how close the person is to you?


  • I think that's a tough call. I think it needs to be a mix of as many of those qualities as possible, however I'd probably prioritize it this way:
    1. How close they are to me
    2. Financial
    3. How close they are to my children
    4. Similar values

    The reason is I believe someone can instill values they don't themselves believe in or value as highly if they really care about and know you well and understand how important those values are to you.

  • I think financial is the most important quality. Taking care of children is a financial burden more than anything and I wouldn't want to put that on someone who couldn't afford it.

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