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When did you start giving your children chores?

When should you start giving your child chores? Did you pay them to do the chores or just give them chores. I have started to give my grandsons a few things to do around the house when they are here. They usually make about five dollars a week and think that they are really big stuff.


  • I think we started chores around 4 or 5 years old. Mostly I'd have them wipe off their table, put their clothes away and wash some of their own dishes. After awhile they had more chores. When they do chores without me asking I pay them. There is a different pay rate for each chore written on a chore chart we made.

  • I like the idea of paying them for chores that you don't ask them to do! That is a great one.

  • My step-daughter as far as I know has been clearing the table and rinsing her dishes (or putting them in the dish-washer) since she was 6. In general she's a little spoiled so for most people I think having more complex chores by that age is normal.

  • There is a chart I've seen somewhere that lists what kinds of chores kids can safely and effectively do starting at around 1 or 2 years old. A lot of parenting teachers/coaches recommend starting children with doing age appropriate chores as soon as possible, literally 1 or 2 years old! The important thing is consistency and starting them early, so they expect to help and appreciate being involved in family activities. When they get started earlier it's a lot easier to get them to help when they're older, although they will probably at some point rebel against that, they'll come back around.

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