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Do you read to your baby?

I just learned that reading to your baby is even better than just talking to them. Apparently they can remember things that have been repeated. If you read to them, what do you read them and how often?


  • I read to my baby, but not everyday. I read a lot to my older daughters and my baby is always around me, so I wonder if that counts. When I read to him I usually read something like Dr. Seuss or very simple rhyming books like Leapfrog books. I would say he gets read to at least few times a week. I also have my oldest daughter read to him sometimes.

    I guess I thought the recommendation to read to them was just to get them in the habit of seeing books as an important and distinct thing, rather than the actual words. He likes to play with the pictures and pages, so I have to use board books near him. Otherwise he will rip pages apart!

  • I've been reading to my babies in the womb. I read my favorite books to them The Giving Tree, The Lorax, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Amelia Bedelia books.

    Reading these books takes me back to my childhood and makes me excited about being a mom and apparently it's good for my babies too!

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