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Do you think dads need other dad friends?

I know women take to being a parent earlier than men. With the stress of having my first pregnancy being twins, I know its going to be a lot when they are born and its going to probably be a wake up call for my bf because he's not feeling it like I an and he has no experience with kids. Do you think a dad friend would help him cope with being a new dad? How would you suggest helping him find a dad friend?


  • I think men learn best by example and they're usually not very inclined to learn from a woman, so yes I think it's important for them to have friends who have similar interests, goals and situations. If they have a bunch of friends who aren't father's and none who are they are not likely to be very inspired to figure out parenting as much as they would if they did. Also, men need competition and someone to look up to. If they don't have anyone to relate to as a father, I would be concerned that they are not interested in being a family man, unless they've been a father for a long-time.

  • This is a great question. I think if you have friends who are moms invite them and their SO over for dinner or go out as a double date. You could also attend parenting or pregnancy classes together. There you're pretty likely to find other parents, just try to arrange ahead of time with someone who will be there with her SO who needs a guy friend as well.

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