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Disciplining other people's children

My grandsons are with me most days while their parents are at work. I wanted to get some opinions from some younger mothers to see how they feel when their parents discipline their children. I feel like that they are with me so much, that I have to make sure that they do what I ask them to do. I also feel like a lot of the responsibility for molding who they are going to be falls on me. I also feel like sometimes I cross the line over into their parents territory and I want to make sure that I understand my boundaries. I guess what I am asking is, what kind of things do your parents do that you consider stepping over the line?


  • The only things that bother me is when they do things I've specifically told them we do a certain way or if they bad mouth my patenting choices.

  • I think people should try to not discipline other people's kids unless they are given permission. Even then I think the best thing to do is tell the parents what happened and let them handle it unless its an emergency.

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