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Essential Oils

I was wondering if any of you have ever used Essential Oils? I was hoping to find one to use in a diffuser to help the boys sleep at night.


  • I've used lavender. I spray the room and linen spray on the pillows and in the room at night. Which reminds me I need to get more. I'm sure there are other essential oils you can use but I'm not an expert. I've just stuck with what worked for us

  • Thanks @yogimama . I have go a lavender plant in my living room. I may move it just to see what happens.

  • Oh wow a lavender plant sounds like a great idea. I can't believe I never even considered that! The spray works very well for us, almost too well.

    I once had a dishwashing soap with lavender in it and I never could get the dishes washed! I'd always fall asleep after running the soap under the water!

  • Another good plant to add to your bedroom is the snake plant. It filters out some toxins from the air and makes your air quality better. I have always had one in my room. You can also use Jasmine plants. They are really pretty but I seem to always kill mine.

  • Thanks momma 5931 I'll look into both plants. I worry about toxins and air quality.

  • lavender. We have our own plant so we are full with it for whole spring and summer :)

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