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Night lights

edited August 2017 in Growth & Parenting

My step daughter has a difficult time sleeping in her room. She has a night light but gets scared and wants the room light on. I think it keeps her up but I could probably find a better night light for her. If you use a night light what kind is it?


  • There are great glow in the dark stars you can stick on the ceilings. Kids love them! I've also used a lava lamp. It creates low light but its also stimulating to the brain which is sometimes what we need to relax enough to fall asleep.

  • I used a small adjustable lamp in my kids rooms. It it put out less light than than the overhead but still put out a lot of light. It may have been more than needed but it was just a small phase in life that they went through. If I didn't make a big deal out of it, it went away fairly soon and became no problem at all.

  • Good point momma5931. Do you remember how long the night light phase lasted?

  • We have the kind that projects stars on the ceiling. The boys love it.

  • @teachingmom , if I remember right, it was a little over a month and then it was over. We didn't make a big deal out of it and soon enough, he was all good.

  • @1happymom said:
    We have the kind that projects stars on the ceiling. The boys love it.

    That sounds fun. I might even want one in my room?! I might be a big kid but it sounds like a great way to fall asleep!

  • LOL teaching mom. I bet you would love it! Nothing like sleeping under the stars.

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