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How do you feel about posting your child's picture on social media?

My friends and I were having a discussion the other day about posting our child's pictures on Facebook. I have always done it before and my Facebook profile is locked down pretty tight. I was pretty ok with it until the other day and I guess the other girls really made me think. What problems do you see with posting about your kids on Facebook and other social media outlets.


  • There could be problems with drawing attention to your children towards people who might prey on children. Another thing is that it might make the children uncomfortable if they don't know the pictures have been posted and someone recognizing or showing them could embarrass them.

  • I don't post my kids pictures on social media I just don't feel comfortable with it. Anyone can take the pictures and do what they want with them. That makes me uncomfortable.

  • Good points from all! I would like to add that someday these small children will be teenagers and grown adults. They may not appreciate every aspect of their young lives being put out there for everyone to see. Say that Junior becomes CEO of a multi million dollar company one day. He or she may not want the people that work for them to be able to go back and pull up pictures of them in their diapers.

  • Actually a lot of companies now look at social media accounts and do internet searches on prospective employees. They could project judgement onto someone based on what they see online without even intending to. It sounds like its safer to not share pictures of your kids. Maybe you could share them privately with selected real life family and friends.

  • Thanks guys! All good points and I appreciate the suggestions.

  • I don’t share my life with social media. I know moms who share every day every detail of their lives kids too (toddler) on social media and it’s quite unbearable at times. The things ppl can do with your pics are outrageous so I don’t put my kids up and if I do it’s probably once in a VEEY BLUE MOON like Xmas or something big. Other than that I’m 7 months pregnant and if ppl have not seen or text or called me they don’t even know I’m pregnant that’s how much I share. I don’t even know where or how some of these moms find the time to post so much of their lives.
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