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What age do you think is best to send a child to preschool?

I have recently been debating on whether I should send my three year old to preschool. He currently stays with my mom while I am at work and I know he is well taken care of. She is very good with teaching him the things he needs to know for school. I worry that he may need some more socializing. What is the best age to send your child to preschool?


  • I think this depends on your child's personality. In some cases preschool can be great for socializing for a child who is good at sitting still, following rules, etc. but sometimes because there are many in a class, there are too many rules for some children to follow and they will be ostracized rather than being able to socialize much.

    I was studying to be a daycare teacher when I got pregnant (oops)! For children like that you can find classes for preschoolers that are anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours long (like mother's day out programs) where they can play with other kids their age.

  • They expect children to come into the school system with a greater level of maturity than they used to. He may know the things he needs to know, and he may be socialized but make sure that he is mature enough to sit still and is able to communicate his needs and abilities in a good way. If he can do all those things, then he may not need a structured pre school setting.

  • Thanks everybody! I have really been struggling with the decision and wish people didn't add so much pressure.

  • Don't let people stress you out @1happymom . Most of the time, mom knows what their child needs.

  • Yeah there is a lot of e pressure to day things a certain way but we have to do what's best for our families.

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