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Scheduled Interventions

What interventions would you consider in your birth if they are not medically necessary?

It is very common now to have scheduled C-sections, scheduled inductions even when they are not necessary, just for the sake of convenience or in some cases hospital policies.

Would you choose your hospital or midwife based on their intervention procedures or would you go with what your doctor or midwife suggests no matter what?


  • I hate to say it but I would probably go with whatever my health professional suggested. I am really not sure if that is the right way to do it but it makes me nervous to question their expertise. I feel as if we should educate ourselves always but in my mind, I don't feel comfortable thinking that I could have as much knowledge as they do.

    The whole statement feels funny as I write it down. It is against everything that I stand for to not question and to follow blindly, but when it comes to this subject, I feel like I have to be as cautious as possible. I want my children to have their best shot at health and happiness that they can have.

  • I have a complicated relationship with hospitals, doctor, medical advice. Having grown up with and known a lot of doctors personally, I've been able to get advice from the doctor's perspective as a friend and as a patient. I also have had some intense hospital stays, where I was very sick, so I appreciate many of my doctors, but also have had experience with a few incompetent ones, and one bad apple, can really spoil the bunch when it's that serious.

    I've learned to question a lot from doctors and question hospital procedures, and I've learned the hard way they are not always right, but usually if you ask enough questions, they'll give you their real answer, not their surface level answer they are trained to give up automatically.

    So I guess my answer is, it depends on the reasons for the interventions. If it's not very risky, I would take an intervention, even if it was say to fit the doctor's schedule, if I really wanted to have that doctor. But most things, I try to do only if they are really medically necessary, rather than just standard procedures.

  • If you've chosen a provider you trust you should feel safe following their advice. However if you're not sureif you trust your provider get second third or more opinions. You can switch providers as late as you wish, but also make sure to look at different hospital policies. You can also request to speak to the hospital manager or director about policies you're uncomfortable with.

  • You have to find health care providers that you can trust. Think of your first visit with them as a job interview. If this person is not someone that you feel comfortable talking to and asking questions then you need to find someone else. They need to listen to your concerns and be able to make you feel comfortable with their knowledge. I find that people are often intimidated by doctors and they don't need to be. After all they are doing a job for you. You are paying them. With all that said though, when you find a doctor that you want, listen to them. You trusted them to do a job, let them do it.

  • Yes, it is a job interview! I think often people forget that doctors are hired and can be fired and replaced. I think if you ask questions you'll know how to hire the right care provided for you.

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