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What are your healthy go-to dinner options?

I have always tried to feed my boys fairly healthy foods. I want them to develop good habits. I have discovered lately that they will eat anything if I cook it in pizza form. Do you have any good recipes that you use on a regular basis that your toddlers really like?


  • I find that with toddlers it is important for them to be able to visually see everything they are eating and to have colorful food for them to eat. I try to keep things as simple as possible because I've dealt with a lot of picky eaters.

    My kids loved to eat a lot fresh fruits and veggies. We did a lot of wraps, like rice, beans and sliced veggies they could put inside seaweed wraps, tortillas or large lettuce or kale leaves.

  • Making healthy desserts like oatmeal cookies, fruit crisps and baked apples keep their sweet tooth satisfied and actually gets some good food in them. Also if they will eat soups and stews there's all kinds if healthy things you can add in. Chili is a favorite for me because there are so many ways to make it.

  • I've had to trick myself into eating healthy. I love to make pancakes with all kinds of healthy veggies and flax meal added in. I also have gotten into making my own blended gazpacho, avocado pudding, guacamole and similar blended sauces to go on salads and other foods. I use seeds and avocado to make filling, tasty raw soups and sauces to top my food with.

  • I like to make homemade bread, massive salads with special ingredients, and we eat the salad first. Other than that I try yo have a lot of fresh ingredients in serving bowls so the kids can try different combinations and get more interest in making their food meet their taste buds.

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