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Faint line, could I be pregnant?

Do you see the lines or am I hallucinating?
I’ve been pregnant 3 times each time was terminated. I’ve been praying for a baby and I think my body is telling me I could be pregnant. (It is possible) I took a test every day this week, even though it may be early I’m just anxious. The last 3 tests I took had a faint positive line. 2 of them disappeared and the last one stayed kind of visible.
My boobs hurt.
I’m peeing more.
I have these cramps that alternate sides of my lower abdomen.
I’ve been crying for no reason (super emotional the last few days)
My nipples burn.
My head hurts and keep getting dizzy spells.
And I basically haven’t been able to get out of bed for the last 2 days.

Ps I thought I had a uti and took some medicine for it that’s why two of the tests are a lil orange
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