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Late BFP?

After stopping birth control in November I got AF for the first time in a year. Since then I’ve had 2 cycles, one 36 days long and one 31 days long. LMP was 2/9. If I use the average for both cycles I should have expected my period around 5 days ago on 3/14. Have been having back pain and cramping off and on since 3/12 and since then for the past couple days I’ve gotten extremely sore boobs (can’t go without a bra) and fatigue. I normally have PMS but not for this long before AF is due. Got a faint but clear positive almost immediately on the 7 select (blue dye) test on 3/11 but two negative FRER since then. Anyone else not get a BFP until a week or so after AF was due? Or get a BFP on blue dye/cheapies before a FRER?
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