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Who Does Your Baby Recognize?

My baby is away from his father a lot. This last time he left I felt really bad because we were together for a long enough time that the baby got really accustomed to his dad being there. I was reading something today about the baby needing the same people around him regularly during his early phases of life.

I actually thought it wouldn't matter as much as a baby, but it turns out I was wrong. I noticed also when family visited that it took him days to not cry around my mom and grandma. He didn't recognize them from the last time he saw them even though it was only a couple months ago.

He recognizes his sisters even if they are away for a week or so, but they are a part of his everyday life. I wonder if he will recognize his dad the next time he sees him.

He is 8 months old.


  • I didn't see my stepdaughter often at all in the first few years. I never thought she didn't recognize me but now it makes sense that she didn't realize I was the same person each time. My advice would be to show pictures, do videos with him and talk about him a lot so he remembers him next time.

  • I can't be sure of course but it seems like it's possible he doesn't fully recognize his dad. He's been looking at him funny for the past few days, but he's not nearly as active with him as we was the last time we were all together. I hope this doesn't affect him long-term.

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