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Babysitters and Help

At what age did you or will you get help for the house and babysitting or child care help for your little one(s)?

Sometimes I feel like I need to find someone to help right away, with cleaning or childcare or both!

With my other babies, I had family and friends casually helping, but didn't have any regular help this early on. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until they were probably a year that I got any help and that was very rare then.

I am really thinking of getting regular help and my baby is not quite 9 months old.


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    You can find cheap housekeepers willing to come once a month. Its worth your peace of mind in my opinion. Finding a babysitter is more difficult and depends on your needs but people put babies in childcare as early as 6 weeks.

  • If you can afford some help I say, "Go for It!". The more time that you have for yourself and other important things the better. It will give you greater peace of mind and you can concentrate on other things.

  • I hired a housekeeper as soon as my second son was born. I worked so much that it was just such a comfort to know that I would have some help. She comes on Tuesday and Thursdays and she is a lifesaver. Be picky though. Don't take the first one you can find. Check references even if they seem really nice.

  • How did your so feel about you hiring help though? 1happymom? I'm a little nervous about what my so expects me to be able to do after the baby is born.

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