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Ladies, Mums, Hello.

Insane things are going on for me.

My LMP was 11/25. I’ve posted a couple of times on here. My periods are very irregular so I don’t know when EXACTLY I ovulated.

I found out I was pregnant from a home pregnancy test on 12/24 Christmas Eve. It’s the first test in the pic. I tested until the 28th and stopped. Figured I’d save some money and just make an appointment with the doc.

I had appointment for the 16th of Jan when I suddenly started spotting. Beige spotting on the 28th. Then browner the 30th and full on BLEED (sorry TMI) on the 31st. I’ve been bleeding for a week from then. It finally slowed down TODAY but it had gotten so bad before, that I went to the ER simply just for some answers.

They said my Cervix is closed and they couldn’t see anything on ultrasound. Nothing whatsoever.

HCG levels 100 and they said I need to be on bed rest-threatened miscarriage.

Ok. So I went on bed rest Thursday until today and I bled the whole time. Cramps like a period, a little bit of tissue passed.

I thought FOR SURE miscarried.

I have an appointment this Thursday for another check up with an actual obstetrician.

However, tonight—I wanted to ease my mind and test to see it’s lighter or negative so I could just be sure that I’m not pregnant anymore. And this test came back DARKER and QUICKER than before! And I had been drinking water all day. This was taken at 730 ish PM today after work.

I know I’m seeing the doc in 1 day but goodness me, I had to let this out and share and ask your opinion? I’m so confused!!!5a1e94e0-3244-11ea-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpeg5a776340-3244-11ea-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpeg


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