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Always crying

My son starts crying if I say anything negative or try to correct him. I need not have to scold him. How can I make him listen to me and try to understand what I am trying to say? He is 6 now. I want to change his behaviour.


  • Sandra, I think that is a phase at that age. I remember my oldest daughter being like that at that age, and my 6 year old is the same way now. What I did with my oldest was to make sure she understood what I meant.

    Often she didn't understand what I was correcting her for and took it as if I didn't like her or was mad at her.

    I think it's going to be difficult but if you get more specific about explaining yourself and get him to explain what he is feeling it will help him to understand how we communicate better. That way he will stop thinking that any kind of critique in communication isn't a negative thing, but a form of love and guidance.

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