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Could I Be Pregnant?

edited July 2019 in Getting Pregnant
I have been feeling pregnant, I been having a ton of symptoms, and even have a small bump at this point and my pants barely fit around the waist. I’m mom to a 12 year old son so I know what it’s like to be pregnant. I have an appointment scheduled this Wednesday because I am confused. And why am I confused? I’m 46 years old! I didn’t think I could possibly even conceive at this point because my cycle is very irregular at this point and almost non existent. I’ve attached the tests I’ve taken recently because the lines are faint I’m confused as to whether or not I’m pregnant but my body feels like I am especially now where I’m feeling fluttering in my abdomen. Please share your thoughts on this? Any women in their 40’s that got pregnant and experienced what I’m experiencing?9eeb6a10-a655-11e9-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpeg9f55ebb0-a655-11e9-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpeg9f93b800-a655-11e9-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpeg9fcf3a60-a655-11e9-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpega00369c0-a655-11e9-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpega04f18c0-a655-11e9-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpega0845990-a655-11e9-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpega0bcf5c0-a655-11e9-87e8-a5b27d75e7fa.jpeg


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