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Not trying to walk after falling down

My 2nd boy is 3 years old and he is going to kindergarten for the last 3 months. Last monday on his way back from Kindergarten he fell down while running and hurt his knees. It was not a deep wound but lost some skin and was bleeding. Gave him first aid and took him home in stroller. We went to the hospital once for dressing and the doctor didn't tell anything wrong.

But since he fell down, he is not straightening his knees and not trying to walk or even trying to stand up. He is moving his legs without any problem or not complaining about any pain. The wound is almost dry now. I have tried to straighten his legs while he was asleep and he had no problem.

I don't know why is behaviour. It's almost a week now. Is he scared or is there something to worry about?


  • Sounds like he was maybe shocked and frightened by the fall. I'm sure he will get over it soon enough. Just try to assure him that he is okay and falls will happen. Maybe tell him a story of a fall you had as a kid.

    You might also get dressing for falls to keep at home so you don't have to go to the doctor the next time. Going to the doctor may have made him think it was more serious than it was.

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