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Pregnancy a chance?

Hey mommas, so my last period was January 6th-10th. It showed on my apps I ovulated January 16-22. I had sex January 27th, 31st, and February 3rd. The week I wasn’t ovulation, according to the apps I have based on my period.
However, February 1st I noticed extreme EWCM, and sex drive (obviously because I had sex 3 days, I also always seem to have a sex drive when ovulating). So could I of possibly ovulated a week after my apps, the week I had sex 3 times?

Now I am 3 days late, lots of CM, cramping, acne, heart burn. I took a test this AM it’s a negative. Also, the week I had sex, it was week before my period, after the “expected” ovulation week. Isn’t it not possible to get pregnant a week before period? You only can when you ovulate. I’m learning how to track ovulation but I’m always having a crap ton of CM every day (which I feel is not normal). So I’m clueless. I’ve never been late except when I was pregnant with my daughter, which I conceived the day of ovulation and it showed on my apps.

Usually my AF is like clockwork and comes MAYBE a day late, occasionally. So I’m not sure why this months tricky!

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