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Responsibilities For Dads

edited July 2017 in Family and Relationship

What kinds of responsibilities does the father have in your family? What responsibilities do you have as a mother?

How do you divide responsibilities? Did you have a discussion about it or do you go with the flow? Did you or your partner have a preference as to what would be done by who? Did you have any expectations that changed with experience?


  • This reminds me of a video I saw today, it has some f-words thrown in there but it's pretty funny. It's about a mom who wants to go out and she's texting with her husband who doesn't know what to do with the kids when she's gone for just a few hours. I wonder how many husbands are really like that. A lot of people could relate to it.

  • I think we're going to try to divide it down the middle by switching days so we both have the same responsibilities and know what each other goes through, as much as possible anyway.

  • Dividing by task or time seems like it can lead to passive aggressive arguments if things don’t go exactly as planned. We will probably tackle baby care the same way we handle everything else we need to accomplish in the household or our relationship, which is to take personal responsibility, ask for help, and keep things fair. In a loving and compassionate relationship, this has always been enough for us. We don’t have rules about who does the laundry or takes out the trash, we just do whatever we can whenever we can, appreciate what the others do, and ask for help getting things done when we need to.
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