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Which cereals are easy on the tummy for sensitive l/o

edited November 2018 in Health & Medicine
Hi everybody, my name is Nicole I’m a ftm to a boy; Roman, born July 9.

This is pretty specific but my baby was born with gastrointestinal issues, hasn’t been able to have breast milk due to a milk protein allergy and just generally very gassy and sensitive. At four months I have just been given the green light by his pediatrician to start him on stage 1 foods, namely cereal right now. I was wondering what thoughts were on cereals that are easiest on the tummy I have seen rice, oatmeal, and heard barley is safe.

Anyone dealt with this?

Thank you 🤱🏻


  • PegiPegPegiPeg


    edited August 2019

    Cereals are a great source of iron and a good choice for starting solid foods. We started with the rice cereals, bcs rice is gluten-free, and if you are worried about her sensitive tummy then you can go with organic. That's what we did, our choice was Holle organic rice cereals, it is a European brand and they have products that are made for babies with special nutritional needs. We buy it online at BuyOrganicFormula, they have good prices and super fast delivery

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