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Solid Foods

What age did your baby start solids and what foods did you give them before they had all their teeth? I researched the common recommendations are to start feeding solids when the baby can grasp foods and is reaching for food, also preferably when they have teeth and can chew, but my baby reaches for food even though he only has two teeth slowly cutting through.

So far he has had mushed banana, avocado and a little bit of orange juice, fresh from a slice of orange.


  • My step-daughter started eating solid foods fairly late, I'd say she was around 10 months. I don't know what all she was fed, but I know she ate a lot of apple sauce and I think that was her main food besides milk at that time.

  • My son is almost 10 months now and he's had a lot more foods. He has had apple sauce, mashed peaches, mashed cherries, blueberries, strawberries, cucumber and watermelon. His favorite is definitely banana. If he sees a banana across the room he will go for it and try to eat through the skin!

  • If the baby is interested, if the doctor says so, then go for it. Just follow the reactions to the food, because of allergies. We started with 4.5 months with cereals (Holle organic) and then slowly introduced other solid foods.

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