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Is your baby ill a lot?

edited July 2016 in Health & Medicine
I was wondering if your babies have been ill a lot in the first year.

My boy is now almost 8 month and he has only been ill once when got bronchitis. That gave us a fright at first I can tell you. We went straight to hospital with him as it started on a weekend. They gave us some medicine and an inhaling machine to use for a couple of weeks. Since it did not improve for a few days we went to our paediatrician who gave us a stronger medicine for inhaling. We read online that some kids will have bronchitis for month and month but luckily it was gone within 2 weeks or so.

Since then we have had no other health problems.



  • My daughter often has a cold and cough. We have an inhaling machine and she is taking nose drops and homoeopathic drops. It helps but after a few weeks, but the cold comes back. I don't think it's because she isn't wearing enough clothes. There must be something else. My paediatrician doesn't know what's going on.
  • poor little girl, it must be heart breaking for you and your husband. Must be frustrating if even the doctor can´t help you.
    Maybe he can advise you on how to boost your dougthers immune system by making changes in her diet?
  • My little one seems to have acid reflux. At first it was breastfeeding problems and I thought it might be tongue tie or lip tie, but the doctor advised me on symptoms to look for. As breastfeeding got better, I still noticed a lot of spitting up, sometimes vomiting and even choking and spilling milk from his nose. Things are a lot better as he's gotten older though.

  • When my oldest son was small, he had an ear infections almost every week. The doctors could not figure out what was going on. I read and read everything I could get a hold of. I eventually tried alternating small amounts of echinacea and acidopholus and he never had an ear infection again. Ask your doctor before trying anything new however.

  • That sounds like a great remedy! I was sick a lot as a baby/child. I don't know how I got better but I did up until I got really sick and found out I had severe allergies and asthma.

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