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Teaching Baby To Swim?

At what age did your child learn to swim? If your child is swimming or in water a lot as a baby, how do you teach them, at what age and what methods do you teach in what order? My baby is 8 months and really loves the water. He tries to let go in the water and puts his face in a lot when I'm holding him, but I'm afraid to really let him go.

I know it's said that babies can swim well if they are allowed early in life, but none of my other children have and I am a little afraid and ignorant as to what to do. I would like him to learn as early as possible, but I need to know some stories before I really feel comfortable with allowing that for my little one.


  • I've seen some baby swim classes. I wanted to be certified to teach it but never got around to it. I think you first just teach them to float on their backs when they go under so they learn water safety first. I think instinctively we know how to swim already, it's just when we are no longer used to being in water, our minds make us think we can't do it and we try to hard, preventing us from actually swim until we "re-learn". I'm no expert but that's how I understand it.

  • My two and three year old take swimming lessons with the Red Cross. My youngest really likes it but my oldest acts like he is scared to death. I don't know if being younger helps my two year old or if it is just personality. They are no where near being able to swim on their own but they are getting there.

  • I've been swimming since as long as I can remember. The story is that I jumped into the pool when I was around a year old and no one could reach me for a little while so I just swam and ended up floating on the water. Since then I think I was put into swimming lessons and learned to swim confidently at age 2.

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