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Wild child falling out of the bed

edited September 2016 in Home & Household
Our baby is 10 month now and he usually sleeps in his own room and bed.

When he wakes up around 5 he gets his bottle and gets into bed with my husband and I and has a few more hours of sleep. I however get up between 4 and 5 so he is in bed with only my husband until they get up around 8.

A few weeks ago our wee boy fell out of the bed since he is always moving around in his sleep. Luckily nothing happend but ever since that I go and check up on them in the mornings every 15 min or so to make sure he doesn´t fall out again. I also put down pillows and blankets around our bed in the mornings.

I was wondering if that happend to you too.

What do you do to prevent that?


  • It's become pretty trendy to have beds that sit low to the ground or on the ground. You could also get a mini loft bed with a canopy or railing around it.

    I've also had bed railings that are pushed in underneath the mattress, that worked well for me.

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