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Crawling around the house

edited August 2016 in Growth & Parenting
Now that my boy is crawling and pulling himself up everywhere I think this is the most demanding time while they are little. I can´t take my eyes off of him for one second otherwise he´d be in another room already pulling something down or playing with an electrical socket.

Even though I have child safety things in there I still want him to learn not to go near them. He is so quick I can tell you one moment he is here and the next he is somewhere else.

I tried to make everything safe for him but there are some things I can´t hide or put away. Still I don’t want to put him in a playpen as it reminds me more of a cage than anything so I have to watch and play with him all the time.

I´m sure once he gets a bit older it will calm down again and he can play with his toys for more than a few seconds before wandering off.

How was that age for you? As straining as for me?



  • Our flat has two floors. The first thing I bought after my boy started crawling was a barrier for the stairs. But there are still so many other things to worry about. He especially likes the kitchen very much. I'm thinking about buying another barrier so that he can't crawl into the kitchen.
  • True there are so many things to worry about. Mine loves drawers. He is so quick, opening it with one hand and at the same time taking stuff out with the other hand.
    I am just glad he can´t open doors yet.
  • I don't remember much about the crawling phases. My babies stayed on me a lot. The little one is crawling right now but he's more interested in trying to stand up. He does like to get tissue and try to put it in his mouth, even right in front of me!

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