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Vegan or vegetarian?

edited August 2016 in Babyfood & Recipes
Would you raise your kid vegan or vegetarian? I read from a few parents who do that because they are vegan or vegetarian which to be honest makes me quite angry.

In my opinion it can´t be good for a baby´s growth and development if they only eat certain foods. A baby needs a balanced diet which contains everything from veg to meat after all humans are omnivores.

That doesn’t mean that you need to serve meat everyday but regularly.

What do you think? Would you consider vegan or vegetarian for your baby?



  • I'm a vegetarian because I hate the taste of meat. But I also understand that babies should develop their own taste. So when I cook something, I try to give my little boy meat too. But not so often because I'm not such a huge fan of cooking meat.
  • I think that is the right way to do it @babynose. Sure it does not need to be everyday but I don´t think it can be good for a baby or kid to leave it out of their diet completly
  • I was raised vegetarian and it suited me really well. I wouldn't eat meat as a kid and my parents went to doctors trying to see what was wrong with me. Eventually they found out it's actually not so bad. Lots of cultures actually do have traditionally vegetarian or vegan traditions and we can get all our nutrients from vegetarian or vegan diets. Have you heard of the lion that wouldn't eat meat? Even so-called carnivores can be happy and healthy without meat. Because of how I was raised I also knew a lot of vegan and vegetarian kids and families growing up, I haven't seen any of the horror stories that you hear about on the news!

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