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Biometrical passport pictures for babies

edited August 2016 in Leisure & Holidays
We went to visit family and friends in the UK when my boy was 2 month and for that we needed a passport for him.

Easier said than done with a baby as the picture needs to be according to the biometrical standards. What a joke! It took us the whole two month until we managed to get a picture that would fit. We tried two photographers with little success and shot hundreds of pictures ourselves.

What baby under half a year will look straight into the camera without pulling faces or crying or moving their head? Not ours it turned out.

One of the photographers told is that they recommend to make a passport picture when the babies are a bit older. Very funny I thought, what kind of recommendation is that. I am sure lots of people will either want or need to go abroad with their babies before then.

Did you have to get a passport for your baby yet? Was it the same struggle for you as it was for us?

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