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edited August 2016 in Growth & Parenting
Originally when I was younger I always wanted 5 children, not sure why I just imagined it would be great to have that many.

Then I met my husband and we have decided to have 2-3 babies.

After having our first little boy about 8 month ago we have change our minds again and have agreed that one would be fine for us. We can give all our attention to him and make sure he gets everything that he needs. We don’t want to stop going on holidays and weekends away so in a way it was a selfish decision but one that our boy will profit from as well.

What was your plan if any and how did it work out in the end?



  • I had just a little brother when I was younger, so I have always wanted more than 2 children, a big family. After meeting my husband we decided to have 3 - 4 children. Now that we are having our third child and I think it's enough.
  • I think I would like to have a few more after this one. I grew up surrounded by big families and I really prefer that. I think 6 would be the maximum for me though, including my step kids.

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