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Diluted cow´s milk for your baby

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What do you think about giving an 8 month old baby diluted cow´s milk every now and again?

It seems like the opinions on this one even among doctors vary quite a bit. Some say it´s ok some say you shouldn’t do it at all before they are at least a year old.

My baby gets two bottles of formula and two normal meals a day. So have he has done well with all the different foods we have given him. Now I am thinking about giving him diluted cow´s milk for his tea instead of formula. I have heard from a lot of doctors who don’t approve with the follow on milk formulas.

What do you think?



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    We have different opinions especially when taking care of our babies. But even though we have different opinions on what is good for our babies, we all agree on one thing, we wanted the best for our babies. For me, I stopped giving my DD when she is already 2 years old. I have given her HIPP when she is still a baby and after 11 months, I give her Holle. Even though I don't BF, I am confident that she is having the nutrition that she needs from her milk. She seldom becomes sick and is very strong and smart.

  • A lot of people in my family, including myself are allergic to cow's milk, so I learned a lot about breastfeeding. I used to take care of a lot of children too. I've heard of giving them cow's milk but I haven't heard of diluting it. Usually I've seen people giving them milk around a year old.

  • Breast milk or formula needs to be their main source of nutrition until 1 year old as whole milk does not have enough fat and calories. I was told that you can use whole milk to cook with, give whole milk yogurt, etc... It's not that you can't give it to them, it's just that it should not replace BM/formula until after 1 year. We also used Hipp and Holle. Here is a useful article that may help you
    Infant formula vs Cow's milk

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