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edited July 2016 in Health & Medicine
I know this topic will raise a few eyebrows, but here we go:

I have always smoked since I was a teenager and never really felt the need to try and stop. When we planned to have a baby my husband and I discussed this issue and what I was going to do going forward. I have decided to stop during pregnancy but could not really imagine to stay a non-smoker to be honest. Luckily I managed to stop during pregnancy but right after I gave birth I had to have a cigarette.

I know a lot of people will not understand me but that´s okay. I spoke to the midwife who had to get the head nurse and they let me go for a cigarette with my mum.

For that I got a lot of nasty looks but that did not bother me too much. A few midwifes were really nice about it though. One said that she knows we are both grown-ups and that everybody knows that it is bad for your health. Which is true, I do know that and I do know smoke around my baby and when I went for a cigarette in the hospital I did wash my hands and brushed my teeth before I got my baby again.

So my question to smokers. Did you manage to stop for good or did you start again?



  • I don't smoke, but my dh does. I would like to see him quit, but I know it is difficult, especially if you've been smoking for awhile. Washing hands and brushing teeth after is a good idea though! I'll suggest that to him.

  • I quit during pregnancy and I didn't smoke for the first month .. then I started again, but not as much as before .. and now I am smoker again but, to be honest, I smoke a lot less than before, maybe a couple of cigarettes a day, but never in the room where the baby is

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