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Staying in hospital after giving birth

edited July 2016 in Birth
Here you usually have to stay in hospital after giving birth for 3 days if there are no complications and about a week if you had a c section. You can choose to go home straight away but then a midwife will come and visit you for a few days at home.

I choose to stay in hospital as first of all it was my first baby and everything was so new and I don’t like the idea of a midwife coming to my home. After all it would have been a complete stranger visiting me every day for a bit.

For me those three days seemed to last forever. Not much you can do in hospital. My husband and family came to visit me every day but still the boredom was driving me insane. I could not wait to get out.

There were two other girls in my room but they just stayed in bed all day long sleeping or breastfeeding. I did not really feel like I needed a rest so I wondered around a lot and therefore missed all the ward rounds. The doctors only saw me the day they discharged me.

How did you experience the first few days after giving birth? Did you go straight home or stay in hospital?



  • I've only had one in the hospital. I stayed in for about 3 days but I really wanted to leave right away. It was uncomfortable, stressful, cold and I really just wanted to go home, but they made a big hassle out of everything in my opinion.

    Only the doctor could discharge me and the doctor was never around. There were also so many different people I had to see and I had to wait for them to come around. I never even saw the lactation consultant while I was in there because she was so busy, there was only one, shifts were changing and maybe someone messed up her chart or forgot to tell her about me. That happened with lots of other things while I was in there, so I wouldn't be surprised.

    I also felt really bullied by the staff to do things I didn't want. Particularly with taking my daughter away, supplementing her with formula and so many annoying things. They took her away to get her cleaned up after she was born and to switch me into another room and I didn't see her for 5 or so hours. It was supposed to be just a few minutes.

  • With my oldest, I was there for five days. i had a lot of complications with her and I really needed to be there. With the other four i was straight home the next day. I have always been lucky to have lots of support from my family and with the exception of the first one, some really easy births. Our local hospital has always been so helpful and willing to accommodate to our needs. The babies have always stayed right in the room with us the whole time and the staff would come by and check on us but they really just let us do our thing unless we asked them for something.

  • I'm going to be in the hospital for a few days because I'm having a C-section. I've spent a lot of time in hospitals before, so I know to get people on a visiting list and bring things with me that make me feel more comfortable, and to have people bring me good food! (not hospital food)

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