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When to stop formula or breastfeeding?

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My boy is now 8 month and he is getting two bottles a day and the rest of the meals are fruit, veg and meat. He seems to be drinking less of his bottle in the evening now so I am thinking about giving him some semolina pudding or rice pudding or something like that instead of the evening bottle.

He likes all foods so far and has lunch with us whatever we are having. I will need to read up on this issue some more as I don’t want to take away nutritions he needs.

Maybe some of you can help me out here and tell me what you think and when you stopped giving your baby formula or breast milk.



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    I continue feeding my DS with formula milk until he is 3 years old. When he is still a baby I give him HIPP Organic Formula but when he is around 11 years old, he lost interest drinking milk and I have been worried since he does not like eating vegetables and fruits. I decided to try Holle. After giving him a bottle, he likes it! I think because it has different taste with what he is drinking for a very long time. Thank goodness, both brands are highly quality products and have almost all the nutrition that my baby needs!

  • I trained in infant nutrition and child/maternal health and yes, most recommendation will say children need milk daily as their main source of calories up until 1 and should continue to have it daily until after 3 years old for brain development.

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    Yes, Hipp and Holle are European brands that are made under strict regulations. They also make formulas for babies with special dietary requirements and have organic products as well. Here in the US, both Hipp and Holle can only be purchased online, so we've found a reliable supplier with affordable prices and fast delivery that we recommend

    Kids definitely need milk daily until one, and we will continue with it as long as we can

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