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Baby´s first word!

edited July 2016 in Growth & Parenting
My boy said his first word yesterday! After I have been taking care of him all day almost every day for the past 8 month and Daddy just comes home after work for a kiss and cuddle, guess what his first word was? PAPA!

I have been trying to get him to say MAMA but all he says is PAPA. I know he doesn’t really mean Daddy by it but being honest it would have been nice if it was MAMA ;-)

What was your baby’s first word?



  • My oldest boy's first word was "ball". My husband is a big soccer fan and I think that this was a small reason why :)
  • My youngest daughter first said "gato", my oldest said "ma" or "mas". They both said things that resembled ma or mama early on, but it seems they may have both said their first words in Spanish. My baby boy is not talking yet but it sounds like he says "da-da" when he is happy and "mum" when he's tired and upset.

    It might just be me but I have also heard them all say "aflac" when they were really young. I wonder if that's where that company got it's name from . It seems to be a sound babies make when they are trying to learn to talk.

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