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Dummy or no Dummy?

edited July 2016 in Growth & Parenting
We do not use a dummy for our baby. Not because we are against it but because he never really liked or needed one. We had one for a few days when he was born but he could not keep it in his mouth and he did not seem to mind not having one so we just put them away again.

I see a lot of toddlers with a dummy even if they are quiet and don’t need it for calming down, which I don’t agree with. I think its ok to use one in the evening to calm them if they cry but I don’t see a point just giving them a dummy all the time.

What do you think? Do or did you use a dummy? How did you wean them off it again?



  • None of our children has a dummy, but my daughter started sucking her thumb after 3 months. She still does it sometimes when she is excited or very upset. I wasn't against it but I have the feeling that a dummy can't be so healthy for her teethe.
  • I don't even have one, I have never really had any except maybe one with my oldest child. We haven't needed one at all.

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