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Sleeping in the bed with baby

edited August 2018 in Growth & Parenting
Hi all. I have a 8 month old baby girl. She sleeps in the bed with my wife, myself and two dogs. I am terrified I’m going to roll on her in the middle of the night. But she refuses to sleep in her bed at night. We tried a swaddle that her arms are free because I’m afraid to leave her arms in at night. How safe is it to swaddle at this age? The swaddle only works with arms in. She feels like we are holding her still so she sleeps. She sleeps a few hours at daycare but if she’s with us all day she sleeps so much more. What do I do? Can I hear some of your stories? Do you still sleep with your baby? Do you still swaddle at an older age?

Also I’m not sure if this post belongs in this section.
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