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edited July 2016 in Technology
I got a Jumperoo from Fisher Price when my boy was 6 month as he is quite wild and he got bored of lying around doing nothing. Since he could not crawl and move around himself yet we thought we give that a try. He loves it, and I can only recommend it for babies that want to move a bit but can´t yet. He is going crazy when we put him in there with all the sounds and lights and toys to play with and it tires him out for the evening when we put him in in the afternoon.

Now that he starts crawling it is also good for entertaining him if I need to do something in the kitchen for a few min. We have an open kitchen but if I just put him on the living room floor and I need to do something I would be worried he would hurt himself or pull something down within seconds, that’s how quick he is.

Have you got one of those or something similar? Does your baby go crazy for it too?

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