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Daily activity with a baby under 1

edited July 2016 in Leisure & Holidays
Ever since I left the hospital with my wee monkey I go out for walks with him every day so he can get some fresh air and see new things. He loves being outside and it gets me some much needed exercise.
We also go swimming a lot as he can’t get enough of being in water to cool down in the heat and play around. I call him my little water rat, which my husband said doesn’t sound all that nice in English but in German it’s an endearing term for kids that love the water.

What do you do with your baby while it’s not really old enough to play on a playground?



  • I don't remember who told me anymore, a doctor or a midwife, but it was recommended to read to the baby everyday. There are also certain sensory games they are supposed to play to help them get fine motor skills. It's good for them to do things where they put objects into spaces, play with fine textures, course textures, things like yarn, pasta, sand, stones, etc. Really just making sure they have a diverse environment and are exposed to different types of things and people to look at, listen to and touch. Also to talk to them a lot with real words and not just "baby talk". That is something I learned from my Linguistics and Literacy Training in College.

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