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Acupuncture to ease labour pains

edited July 2016 in Birth
Have any of you got experience with acupuncture before giving birth to ease the labour pains and shorten the time of labour? Do you believe it works?

I have had a few sessions of acupuncture before giving birth to shorten the time of labour and to ease the pain while in labour as I did not have any pain relief. Obviously since this was my first baby and every birth is different anyways I do not know if it really worked. All I can say is that my labour was very quick and the pain was manageable without any gas and air or an epidural.



  • I don't think I would trust anyone to stick needles in me! I don't like taking blood tests even and I took only the one that was mandatory at my prenatal appointment. I would look at any other way I can to ease pain other than needles, although I do appreciate non-pharmaceutical methods.

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