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Stay at home parent or out working?

edited July 2016 in Home & Household
Do you guys plan or already stay at home with your baby or do you work?

We have decided that my husband will earn the living and I will stay at home looking after our boy for at least a few years. I am thinking about going back once he is in nursery at around 3 years, part time but until then I want to stay at home with him. Luckily for us we can do that as my husband has a good job. I could not imagine if I had to go back to work straight away and have someone else be with my baby the majority of the day.

What do you do? Can you afford to have it the way you planned it?



  • As of now I have a lot of savings. My plan is probably to start working from home or part-time when the baby is around 6 months, but I don't know for sure how it's going to work. A lot of women I know have stayed home for many, many years but I feel like I might go stir crazy trying to do that and also I enjoy working.

  • I'm thinking about starting to work from home again. I've started doing some work at home, but I would love to get out a bit too! I'm considering working part-time at night-time. I'm not really sure but realizing my youngest baby is now old enough to potentially stay with someone for a few hours (especially if he's asleep) has really excited me so I'm looking into it.

  • Even I thought to rejoin my work when my baby becomes 3 years. But when he was 2.5 I became pregnant for the second time and I had to be at home for another 3 years. Now it has been 7 long years, and I have experience for only 2 years before I resigned the job. Now I am interested in restarting my career. But I don't know how to start and is it possible to get a job after such long gap?

    Can some one suggest something for me like some work from home job options, any trending business options etc?

  • There are definitely ways to get back into the work world after a long absence. You could look into freelancing from home on a site like Upwork. If you're good at writing, editing, photography, computer stuff, graphics, art, teaching (especially language) or even if you are good at office work or making audios or videos there are tons of freelance jobs you can get. That will beef up your resume' so that you can apply for better jobs later.

    You could also start some great entry level jobs, like doing taxes, working with the post office, working in childcare, etc. Are you interested in doing some kind of training prior to starting a new career or do you want to start something that will train you or that you can learn on the job?

  • I have tried it both ways. It depends on where you are at in life. When I had my older children and had fewer options than I do now and I thought about things differently. Back then I really enjoyed working and wanted to get back to my kind of normal as soon as possible. I was lucky because I had my parents and in-laws to help out, so I knew where my children were and that they were well taken care of. With my youngest child, I was a bit older and more financially stable. To be honest, I was tired of working. I have been home with him for ten years now and they have been the best of my life. I guess the point that I am trying to get to is that no matter what we choose, it should be what fits our goals and lifestyles the best at the time. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for doing what you think is best for your family.

  • I think about how much time do my kids need from me? My first daughter got a lot of time from me because although I worked when she turned 4 months or so, I was able to take her with me and I stopped working when she was a little over a year old and starting freelancing from home until she was around 6 or 7.

    My middle child has always had to share me and her first memories are between 3-4 when I'd started working outside of the home.

    Also now that I have a baby I don't want to over work myself, but I want to have some adult conversations and have some time away from having kids on me all the time! As much as I love it, I think it will be nice to do something in the evenings when they are going to sleep, but have the daytime to spend with my baby and middle child, while the oldest is in school.

  • Being a single mother, I really don't have in choice in the matter. I work a full time job during the week and have a flea market booth that I do every other weekend. I take the boys with me to the flea market on the weekends that i work there. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with guilt because I am away from them so much. I try to tell myself I am doing the best that I can and I hope they will remember how hard I tried when they get older.

  • I think that sounds great happymom. I'm sure your boys will have great memories and appreciate your hard work when they are older also it might be possible to find abother single mother to switch or trade time with for working, family time and alone time.

  • I'm definitely going to have to work or we won't be able to eat! I guess my issue will be finding a good job. I'm in school and work part-time. I don't think my job will hold my position for the 8+ weeks before I can work again. I need some advice on where to look for a good position.

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