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When do you treat your kid at home?



edited September 2017 in Health & Medicine

Are there certain ailments or issues you treat your baby or child with at home rather than going to the doctor?

It seems to me that some people go to the doctor for everything, even the emergency room. I wouldn't take my babies to the emergency room unless they were having an issue where they couldn't breathe or was bleeding a lot. Those are emergencies to me, anything else you can get treated at the doctor, with medicine or at home because taking a child to a hospital exposes them to more germs which could make them sicker.

What reasons would make you take your kid to the doctor or emergency room?


  • I took my son to the ER one night because he was burning up. I was afraid because my 15 year old cousin was having very high temps as a 9 month old and his father ignored it. It caused him to have a stroke and now he is mentally retarded. When we got to the ER with my son it came back that he had an ear infection
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