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Hi everybody,

This topic is a place were for all those new to the forum. Tell the community a little bit about yourself. Other people and users may become interested or will invite you to join other topics. Good information are for example:

- Your first name,
- your age,
- the age of your kids or if you're currently *underwork*,
- or the city or village you are coming from.

Also information about your hobbies or your profession gives other users an easer way to approach you by interest.

We welcome you to our board!

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  • Hello to all,

    great new site for parents and soon to be parents to discuss any issues, have a wee chat and maybe even get together.

    I am a 32 year old mum of one, two if you count my husband. My little monkey is 7 month now and a very active baby. He loves swimming, so we try and go to the pool once a week. We go for walks everyday and visit my parents and siblings a lot. As he is the first baby in my side of the family everybody adores him and spoils him way too much.

    We are not staying in the UK at the moment but visit family and friends in Scotland as often as we can.

    Hope lots of people will join

    Have fun and speak to you all soon


  • Hello all, new here. Ftm to a boy born July 28
  • @ladyinblack: Hey and welcome!
  • Hello, my name is Era, I am expecting my first and a step-mom to two. I'm 30 from Georgia.

  • Hi, I'm 22 and my name is Faith. I'm having twins in 5 months. This is my first pregnancy and I'm very excited!

  • Good afternoon everyone! I am an old seasoned mother of five and have really enjoyed reading some of the threads here. I am 42 years old and a mother of 5 children, aged 26, 21, 18, 17 and 10. I have two grandchildren that are 4 and 7 that I care for daily while their mom and dad are at work. There probably isn't much that I haven't seen when it comes to raising children. They have pretty much put me through it all. LOL.

  • I am a mother of a two year old and three year old. Life is hectic and crazy most of the time. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning the tricks and tips that you guys have.

  • Welcome to the forum @faith22, @momma5931, @teachingmom and @1happymom. Feel at home and have a great time here.

  • Due 02-05-2019! My name is Samantha. I’m married to Clay and our two boys are Jaxson and Porter. So this is our third baby!!
  • Hi everyone, I’m Lauren, 29. My husband and I have one boy, Ace Everett, who is 2 1/2 and another boy due in November! I’m excited to have found this forum as the one i usually use was closed. I am currently looking for baby name suggestions, specifically middle name suggestions for the name Hank. If anyone could point me in the right direction that’d be great! Thank you!
  • I’m glad to be here. I am a father of a precious 8 m/o baby girl. I want to learn everything I can to make her life the best it can be and I need advice from time to time. Also if I’ve learned something I’d like to help others with that information.
  • Hi guys, I could really use some advice about getting pregnant and I’m 17 I know I’m super young
  • Hi iam Katelin Iam 19 preg with my 2 Nd
  • Hi I’m Rosa. I’m 46 years old, wife and mom to a soon to be 13 year old boy. I think I may be pregnant.. yes pregnant at this time. I have been getting faint positives on several different HPT I’ve taken and have scheduled a doctors appointment for this week to confirm whether or not I’m pregnant. My body feels pregnant and I’ve been having tons of symptoms but I’m confused because at my age it should be impossible to get pregnant. Hopefully there will be some 40 something ladies in here that can share their pregnancy stories.
  • Hi everyone! I’m brittany and I’m 22
    Hopefully experiencing pregnancy here soon 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  • Hey everyone I’m Blanca I’m 30 years old I’m expecting a baby boy I’m 26 weeks 5 days pregnant. This is my second pregnancy my first baby was born in 2009 unfortunately she passed away from leukemia 4 years ago and now I’m pregnant with my baby boy. I’m joining y’all today for support and to be able to vent. I don’t have a lot of family here and no sisters. Due to being high risk and all my medical issues I’ve chosen to not go out due to the pandemic so I’m pretty much always alone. Even with this baby’s baby shower I invited people on my Facebook for a virtual one and no one responded. I’m trying to stay positive until baby gets here and trying not to stress
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